Ultra High Vacuum Knudsen Cell

Single filament uniform temperature UHV


Working pressure up to 10-10 mbar effusion cell for organic materials complete with controller MA2 consisting of :
Standard DN35CF flange mounting  
Boron Nitride cylindrical uniform heating element SS external body  
Total height: 249mm
Externally operated shutter connection  
Cell dimension: 114mm height, 35mm diameter
Cylindrical changeable quartz (SiO2 crucible  
Crucible capacity: 0.35cm3
Patented Tantalum wire heater for uniform deposition rate  
Multiple Tantalum foil heat shielding  
Max working temperature 800°C
Max out-gassing temperature 900°C
Type K thermocouple with feed-through  
Water cooling system  
Temperature stability up to 0.1%
V out max 10V
V in 220V 50-60Hz
Max DC current 4A