Heated Sample Holder


The OS Sample Holder (OS-SH2H) has been especially designed to operate in association with the PPD Guns in a ultra high vacuum environment. 
It consists in a rotating magnetic feedthrough which allows uniform deposition on the sample. 
The OS-SH2H is installed on a CF63 flange and embeds a quartz halogen lamp heating unit compatible with the operation gas environment partial pressure allowing sample temperature to reach up to 950° with extremely low heat outflow in the surroundings. 
The OS-SH2S is equipped with a thermocouple temperature control unit. A z-linear translator allows adjustment of the sample-target distance. The heater is provided by halogen lamps and is therefore oxygen resistant.


Substrate Temperature

up to 950° for 40mm diameter Sample Holder

up to 800° for 2" diameter Sample Holder

Sample Dimensions

up to 2” diameter

Connecting Flange


Power Transmission

by magnetical rotary feedthrough

Rotational Speed (adjustable)

up to 6 rpm

Z Axis (adjustable)