Rotating Target Holder


The OS Rotating Target Holder (OS-TH) allows the correct positioning of the target material during ablation.
The target rotation allows a better uniformity consumption of the target. The device can be adjusted (x, y) by external knobs to allow optimal target positioning. A DN16CF port allows to introduce processing gas in the vicinity of the target during ablation. The electrical layout of the OS-TH has been especially designed to operate in presence of plasma.
The OS-TH uses ceramic ball bearings and high voltage grounding element


Target Dimensions 30-60mm diameter 
Connecting Flange UHV DN40CF - UHV DN63CF
Power Transmission by magnetical rotary feedthrough
Rotating Speed (adjustable) up to 20rpm
Z Axis (adjustable) 50-100mm (optional)
Adjustable X, Y Tilting of the Target up to +/- 6°
Flange for Gas Inlet UHV DN16CF